Club bylaws

SIGNATURE HOLE — With water on the left and trees on the right, winning shots are down the middle on the tough No. 18 at RBI. (Photo courtesy Rancho Bernardo Inn)

Membership approves revised bylaws in 2023

The Rancho Bernardo Inn Women’s Golf Club Bylaws were updated and approved by the membership in August 2023. The revised bylaws became effective as of August 8, 2023.


The name of this organization shall be the Rancho Bernardo Inn Women’s Golf Club (RBIWGC or Club).


The purpose and objective of this organization shall be to promote, supervise and conduct competitive golf for amateur women golfers, in accordance with the Rules of Golf adopted by the Women’s Committee of the United States Golf Association (USGA), as modified by local rules decided upon by the Board of Directors.


Section 1. Active membership is open to amateur women golfers, minimum age 18, who agree to abide by the rules of the Rancho Bernardo Inn Women’s Golf Club.

Section 2. All members should have basic knowledge of the USGA Rules of Golf.

Section 3. All members should be willing and able to maintain speed of play for 18 holes.

Section 4. All members should be willing to keep their own score accurately and post all golf scores.

Section 5. Membership in RBIWGC is required in order to participate in weekly Sweeps and/or Special Tournaments.

Section 6. Membership-renewal dues are payable to RBIWGC annually.

Section 7. A member in good standing who fails to renew her membership before the annual deadline may seek to be reactivated within one year of the lapsed membership by submitting a new membership application to the Membership Chair. An assessment round and handicap qualifying requirements will be waived. The Board of Directors must review the reactivation application (see Article III, Section 9). If elected to membership, the reactivated member must pay applicable dues and fees before becoming eligible to participate in Club events.

Section 8. No eligible golfer shall be denied membership because of her race, creed, color, religion or sexual orientation.

Section 9. The Board of Directors shall have the power to review all membership applications, including reactivation applications, and elect to membership such persons as they deem advisable. After all dues and fees are paid, the new member may participate in all Club events for which she is eligible.

Section 10. New Member Qualification

To qualify for membership in the Rancho Bernardo Inn Women’s Golf Club, applicants must complete the following procedures:

1. Fill out a membership application and submit it to the Membership Chair.

2. Have a valid USGA index and GHIN (Golf Handicap and Information Network) number, or other generally accepted verification of handicap. Have an established handicap index in accordance with the World Handicap System (WHS). Maximum allowable handicap for new members at the Rancho Bernardo Inn (RBI) course is 39, which is equivalent to a 39.5 WHS GHIN index.

3. Play one round of golf at RBI with a RBIWGC Board member or committee chair. The Membership Chair will then present the new member’s name to the Board for approval. Once approved, membership dues will be collected.


4. If a prospective new member does not have a handicap index and wishes to establish one through RBIWGC, she must play a minimum of three (3) games, up to a maximum of six (6) games, at the Rancho Bernardo Inn course on a regular weekly play day with current members.  At least one (1) of the games will be played with a Board member.  The prospective member must complete all qualifying games within a three-month maximum qualification period.

To qualify for membership, the prospective new member will be expected to achieve an average score of 111 or less for three (3) games played.  If more than three (3) games, up to a maximum of six (6) games, are needed to achieve a three-round scoring average of 111, all of the rounds played will be submitted to obtain a GHIN index.  All scorecards must be dated, attested and signed by two Club playing partners, marked “HQ” for Handicap Qualifier and given to the Handicap Chair.

After the prospective new member completes three (3) games with an average score of 111 or less, the Membership Chair will present the new member’s name to the Board for approval.  Once approved, membership dues will be collected, and the Handicap Chair will enter the new member’s name into the GHIN system for inclusion in RBIWGC.  The GHIN automatically links to the Southern California Golf Association, and the new member’s name will appear there as belonging to RBIWGC.  When a new member receives her GHIN number, the scores of all future golf games must be posted to the GHIN website or to to maintain an accurate handicap.  This includes all games, no matter where played or with whom.  (Please see the WHS rules of Handicapping for more information).

While playing with a Club member, prospective qualifying members are NOT eligible for Sweeps, Special Tournaments or prizes until a valid handicap has been established and scoring requirements are met.  If the scoring requirements are not achieved within three (3) months, the prospective member may try again after a three-month hiatus, on a regular weekly play day at RBI. She is encouraged to continue to improve and try to qualify again.

Section 11. Member Conduct and Responsibilities

All members are expected to follow the USGA Rules of Golf and abide by all the conditions, rules and regulations of the Club, as well as accept and enforce the decisions of the Board of Directors.

1. Rules or Conduct Violations

a. If a rule infraction is brought to the attention of any Board member, the Rules Chair will review with the member the rule(s) involved and advise the member of the correct course of play that should have been taken.

b. A warning letter from the Board will be sent to the member for repeated misapplication of the basic rules.

c. A member refusing or neglecting strict and honorable compliance with the rules and regulations of the Club will result in action by the Board. A written letter of reprimand will be sent to the member outlining the unacceptable behavior. In extremely egregious cases, suspension of playing privileges or expulsion of the member could occur.

d. No member shall be suspended or expelled without formal written charges having been presented to the Board of Directors. The said member shall have an opportunity to defend herself before the Board.

2. Speed of Play

a. The Club expects its members to be willing and able to maintain speed of play for 18 holes. Four and one-half hours is considered sufficient time to play the RBI course.

b. A warning will be given to habitually slow players. Repeat offenders will be asked to play at the end of the field.


Section 1. The elected officers of the Club shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the Chairs of Sweeps, Handicap, Membership, Rules and Special Tournaments.

Section 2. The non-voting committee chairs appointed by the President shall be Communications, Invitational, Ringer and Team Captain. The President should appoint these committee chairs prior to the upcoming new calendar year.

Section 3. The Board of Directors shall consist of the elected officers of the Club and non-voting, appointed committee chairs.

Section 4. Term of office shall be one (1) year. No member may hold any one voting office for more than two (2) consecutive years, or be a voting member of the Board of Directors for more than four (4) consecutive years.

Section 5. All vacancies in office, except that of President, shall be filled by appointment by the President with the approval of the Board of Directors. If a vacancy occurs in the office of President, the Vice President shall perform the duties prescribed for the President. Vacancy appointments shall be considered interim appointments.

Section 6.  Members are eligible to assume office after they have been active playing members for six (6) months.

Section 7. The duties and responsibilities of the officers and Board members shall be:

The President shall:

  1. Preside at all in-person and virtual meetings of the Club and Board of Directors.
  2. Call and/or cancel regular and special meetings.
  3. Appoint Communications, Invitational and Ringer Chairs, as well as Team Captain.
  4. Appoint and discharge special committees and task forces.  In the case of a Bylaws Committee, three (3) to five (5) committee members shall be selected for a Bylaws review.
  5. Be empowered to sign checks in the absence or inability of the Treasurer.
  6. Appoint a Parliamentarian, if the need arises.
  7. Approve all Tournament Committee assistants, Team Captain assistants and Rules Committee members.
  8. Be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.

The Vice President shall:

  1. In the absence or disability of the President, perform the duties prescribed for the President.
  2. Arrange meeting space for all in-person Board meetings and General meetings.
  3. Serve as the event coordinator for the annual Holiday Luncheon.
  4. Communicate with RBI staff about payday lunches and menus.
  5. Serve as Social Chair and perform other duties designated by the Board of Directors.

The Secretary shall:

  1. Record and keep minutes of all in-person and virtual Board of Directors meetings and General meetings, submitting one copy of each to the President for sharing with the Board of Directors and filing one copy of each in the Book of Minutes.
  2. Conduct the correspondence of the Club at the direction of the President and Board of Directors.

The Treasurer shall:

  1. Receive and be accountable for all monies and make all disbursements at the direction of the Board of Directors.
  2. Keep an itemized account of all transactions of the Club and render a monthly report at the Board and General meetings. A written report shall be submitted to the President and Secretary.
  3. Sign all checks.  In the absence or disability of the Treasurer, checks and record keeping become the responsibility of the President until a new Treasurer is appointed.
  4. Have the books audited at the termination of each Club year by an auditor to be appointed by the Board of Directors.

The Sweeps Chair shall:

  1. Act as Manager for the Tournament Committee, which comprises the Sweeps Chair, Special Tournaments Chair, Handicap Chair and up to two assistants.  The President will have final approval to name the assistants.  The assistants are not elected or appointed Board members.
  2. With the approval of the Board of Directors, prepare a calendar of events for the Club year by early October of the previous year..
  3. Determine the weekly Sweeps games and provide the game descriptions to be published in the RBIWGC Handbook.
  4. Maintain a current roster of Club members in the Tournament Management Software (TMS) system.  Coordinate with the Membership Chair and Handicap Chair to ensure rosters are consistent.
  5. Schedule and supervise the weekly Sweeps tournaments.  Coordinate tournament duties within the committee (see Article V).
  6. Ensure complete records of all Sweeps competitions are maintained, including money or prizes paid to members.  Determine Ace of the Month from weekly Sweeps results.
  7. Supervise the distribution of prizes and awards.  Publish quarterly winnings by player and inform membership when winnings are available.  Publish Ace of the Month standings on a quarterly basis.
  8. Determine and publish Ace of Aces Tournament eligibility.  Schedule and supervise the Holiday Tournament.
  9. Award a pin to any member who self-identifies as breaking 100, 90 or 80 for the first time on an official weekly play day or any Special Tournament.

The Special Tournaments Chair shall:

  1. Serve as a member of the Tournament Committee and be responsible for tournament duties (see Article V), as coordinated by the Sweeps Chair.
  2. In coordination with the Sweeps Chair and the RBIWGC Board, plan a calendar of events for the coming year.  In a timely manner, ensure that members are aware of eligibility requirements for Major Tournaments.
  3. For two-day Major Tournaments, communicate first-round results to the field as soon as possible after completion of the first round.
  4. Purchase and distribute prizes and awards for Major Tournaments and have the trophies engraved.  Funds for the Major and Special Tournament trophies will be expensed out of the General Fund account.
  5. Have the authority to reschedule or cancel the tournaments in case of inclement weather or adverse course conditions.

The Handicap Chair shall:

  1. Meet the Handicap Chair requirements as defined by the Southern California Golf Association.
  2. Serve as a member of the Tournament Committee and be responsible for weekly tournament duties (see Article V), as coordinated by the Sweeps Chair.
  3. Perform duties in accordance with WHS Rules of Handicapping.
  4. Determine the member who has improved her handicap the most, according to a WHS formula supplied by the USGA.

The Membership Chair shall:

  1. Schedule prospective new member(s) to play with a Board member prior to acceptance in the Club.
  2. Present prospective new member(s) to the Board for membership approval.
  3. Receive all fees required for membership and transfer such monies to the Treasurer.
  4. Notify Handicap Chair of all new and/or transferred members.
  5. Maintain an up-to-date roster of members and distribute a copy to each Board member.
  6. Meet with each new member to go over RBIWGC rules and procedures. Provide a new-member packet and a RBIWGC Handbook to all new members.
  7. Maintain and update the membership application as necessary and see that application forms are always available in the Pro Shop.

The Rules Chair shall:

  1. Enforce all rules of the USGA, including the etiquette of golf.
  2. Answer any questions regarding local and ground rules, tournament rules and rules of golf.
  3. In the General meetings, be prepared to discuss rules with the general membership and to answer any questions from the members regarding rules or etiquette.
  4. Select a Rules Committee.  The committee should consist of two Club members, besides the Rules Chair, whose duty is to assist in rule interpretation, answer questions or settle any disputes in the Rules Chair’s absence.  The President will have final approval to name the committee members.  The committee members are not elected or appointed Board members.

Committee Chairs Appointed by the President:

The Communications Chair shall:

  1. Design, update and maintain the RBIWGC website.
  2. Manage website vendors (software and security), ensuring cost-effective and scope-appropriate service.
  3. Create content for the RBIWGC website, which showcases the Club to external and internal audiences.
  4. Publish Club documents on the RBIWGC website for the benefit of members’ participation in the Club.
  5. Ensure that members-only pages of the RBIWGC website are properly safeguarded and that members are regularly informed of password access.
  6. Continually assess methods to drive website usage by Club members.
  7. Create, edit, arrange for printing and distribute annual members’ Handbook.
  8. Distribute email message on behalf of the President and other Board members.
  9. Design and print Club letterhead and envelopes.
  10. Serve as annual Invitational Communications Chair.
  11. On as-needed basis, create, distribute and summarize results of online surveys of Club members at the direction of the President.
  12. Serve as communications liaison to the San Diego Women’s Golf Association.

The Invitational Chair shall:

  1. Organize and supervise all aspects of the Annual Invitational Tournament.
  2. Assure that all participating players are made aware of any significant course changes — such as relocation of tee boxes, aeration of greens and/or fairways, bridge closures, etc. — before the round begins.
  3. Assure that the Board receives regular updates on the status of the tournament’s progress and the final results.

The Ringer Chair shall:

  1. Collect money from each member who wishes to enter the quarterly Ringer competition.
  2. Keep the necessary hole-by-hole statistics for those members participating in Ringer.
  3. Just prior to the end of the quarter, determine the winners for each flight.
  4. Distribute the prize money to the winners at the end of the quarter.
  5. Provide the Secretary with a listing of the results for inclusion in the General meeting minutes.
  6. Post a copy of the quarterly Ringer results on the Club bulletin board.

The Team Captain shall:

  1. Inform the RBIWGC membership about the formation of a San Diego Women’s Golf Association team each year; include information about eligibility requirements and timeline for team-play events.
  2. Request that the Club Handicap Chair check eligibility of potential team players and notify players if they need to play more rounds to meet requirements.
  3. Recruit an assistant team captain to help with all team-play duties.  The President will have final approval to name assistant team captain(s).  Assistant team captains are not elected or appointed Board members.
  4. Drawing from eligible Club members, determine the team roster and keep all players apprised of scheduled team events.
  5. Conduct a team meeting to review SDCWGA rules and procedures, and keep the team apprised of any changes in a timely manner.
  6. Request funds for team play from the RBIWGC Board.
  7. Consulting with the team, select team-play attire.
  8. Serve as the team-play liaison to the SDCWGA.
  9. Set team-play events for the season and coordinate with the RBI Pro Shop to schedule team-play days at RBI.
  10. Notify SDCWGA team-play director about RBI course conditions (such as punched greens or over-seeding).
  11. Update SDCWGA team-play director, the Club’s team and the RBIWGC general membership with results of all team-play events in a timely manner.

The Board of Directors shall:

  1. Have charge of the affairs and funds of the Rancho Bernardo Inn Women’s Golf Club; be empowered to transact all business and affairs of the Club in accordance with the Bylaws; and report action taken to the membership.
  2. Attend all meetings of the Rancho Bernardo Inn Women’s Golf Club, and hold at least quarterly Board meetings at the discretion of the President. If the President believes circumstances warrant, meetings may be held virtually rather than in person. In the event a vote is required between meetings, an email or virtual vote shall be allowed. Such action shall have the same force and effect as an in-person vote of the Board of Directors, and the results shall be noted in the minutes of the meeting.


Section 1.  The tournament Committee shall comprise the Sweeps Chair, Special Tournaments Chair, Handicap Chair and up to two assistants.  Tournament Committee duties and responsibilities shall include:

  1. Create tee sheets.  Publish the signup links at least two weeks in advance of the golf round.
  2. Provide final tee sheet to the membership and the RBI Pro Shop at least one day prior to the round.
  3. Prior to the round, communicate to participating players any significant course-maintenance changes and playing policies.
  4. Maintain rosters and handicaps in a Tournament Management Software (TMS) system.
  5. Using a TMS system, create the weekly rounds, player rosters and pairings; verify and enter scores and game (tournament) setup; and determine results.
  6. Communicate results of all tournament events to Club members in a timely manner.
  7. Post scores to GHIN.

Section 2.  Sweeps Tournaments will include weekly games, excluding Major Tournaments and the additional Special Tournaments as defined in Section 3.

Section 3.  Major Tournaments will include the Club Championship and President’s Cup.

  • The Club Championship is stroke play – gross score.
  • The President’s Cup is stroke play – net score.

To be eligible for these members-only tournaments, a player must have participated in at least six (6) weekly RBIWGC-sponsored events during the preceding six (6) months. The participants must complete these requirements at least two (2) weeks prior to the tournament.

Exceptions may be made for part-time residents, who have participated in at least six (6) weekly RBIWGC-sponsored events during the preceding 12 months. Exceptions also may be made for medical and/or extenuating circumstances as determined by the Board.

In the event of a tie in a Major Tournament (Club Championship or President’s Cup), the Special Tournaments Chair will determine appropriate (USGA-supported) procedures for tie-breaking.

Section 4. Up to two (2) additional Special Tournaments may be conducted during the year at the discretion of the Special Tournaments Chair and approval by the Board.


Section 1. The Nominating Committee shall consist of five (5) members. One (1) member shall be elected from the Board of Directors; one (1) member shall be elected from the general membership by the Board of Directors; and three (3) members shall be elected by the general membership of the Club at an in-person meeting or by a virtual vote no later than the last full week in August. Nominees must be active members in the last six (6) months and have consented to serve on the committee. No member shall serve more than two (2) consecutive years on the Nominating Committee.

Section 2. The Nominating Committee shall elect its Chair.

Section 3. The Nominating Committee shall verify availability and willingness of potential candidates to serve as Board members.

Section 4. Said committee shall prepare a slate of candidates for elective office and distribute the slate to all members via email and the Club website no later than the last full week in September.

Section 5. If an in-person of the general membership is scheduled and can be held during the first two weeks of October, the slate of candidates shall be read at the meeting.  Nominations for each office may be made from the floor, provided that each nominee has given her permission.  If there are no nominations from the floor, a vote will be taken and the presiding officer may declare the slate of candidates elected at that meeting.

Section 6. If an in-person General meeting cannot be held during the first two weeks in October, members will be asked to vote on the slate of officers virtually during the first two weeks of October.  Additional nominees, if any, may be considered as part of the virtual vote.

Section 7. If there is more than one nominee for any office, the election shall be held virtually during the third week in October and the results announced by the presiding officer as soon as the virtual votes are tallied.  Newly elected officers shall assume their duties after the installment meeting in December.


General meetings of the membership shall be held at the discretion of the President. A minimum of two (2) General meetings should be held during the calendar year.  Voting via email or other virtual methodology shall be allowed at the discretion of the President.  Such action shall have the same force and effect as an in-person vote of the general membership. The results of a virtual vote shall be recorded in the minutes.


These Bylaws or any part thereof may be repealed or amended, or new Bylaws adopted at any in-person General meeting or through virtual technology by a two-thirds vote of the members present, provided that (1) the proposed amendment or Bylaw has been announced at least three weeks before the requested vote and (2) a quorum has been obtained, whether in-person or virtually.

A quorum at any regular or special meeting of the Board of Directors, whether in-person or virtually, shall consist of five (5) or more Directors.

A quorum at any regular or special meeting of the general membership, whether in-person or virtually, shall consist of thirty-five percent (35%) or more of the membership.


Robert’s Rules of Order (Revised) shall be the authority in all questions of parliamentary procedure not covered by these Bylaws.

Bylaws updated and approved unanimously by the membership at a General meeting on August 8, 2023.