PLAYING THROUGH — A foursome of ducklings, plus Mom, head toward the bridge that crosses the creek at No. 18. (Photo by Diane Borden)

Covid-19 guidelines, etiquette

The following guidelines for how to navigate the RBI golf course during the Covid-19 pandemic were compiled from the California Department of Public Health and JC Golf websites in early June 2020.

  • Use face coverings indoors and in common areas. Face coverings are discretionary while playing.
  • Maintain six feet of distance from one another at all times, including with your playing partners on the course.
  • If you are sick or feeling sick, do not come to the golf course.
  • Wash your hands before coming to the golf course.
  • Make reservations online rather than calling the Pro Shop.
  • Pay in advance over the phone or use a credit card at the counter. No cash payments will be accepted.
  • Arrive at the course no more than 30 minutes prior to your scheduled tee time.
  • Plan to handle and care for your own bags and equipment.
  • Arrive at the tee box no earlier than five minutes prior to tee time. Players may not arrive on the tee box until the previous group has left the teeing ground.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze into your sleeve or tissue and dispose of the tissue in waste cans.
  • Make a reasonable effort in the bunker to smooth your footprints with your foot. Rakes have been removed.
  • On the green, leave the flagstick in the cup at all times.
  • Don’t pick up your playing partners’ clubs on the green after the hole is complete.
  • Forgo the traditional handshake or hug after the round.
  • Park carts in designated areas after your round.
  • Dispose of your own trash into garbage cans after your round.
  • Leave the course immediately following your round to eliminate congestion/gathering.

Helpful tips on rules, etiquette of golf

All Club members are expected to follow the USGA Rules of Golf and abide by the conditions, rules and regulations of the Club. In addition, Club members should be aware of the etiquette of golf. The list below provides some helpful tips:

Golf etiquette hints

  • Never talk during another player’s swing.
  • Do not yell out following a shot. This may be disruptive to others on the course.
  • Never walk through a player’s putting line.
  • Be aware of your shadow on the putting green. Your shadow may interfere with another player’s putting line.

 Be kind to the course

  • Observe all cart rules.
  • Keep carts away from greens and hazards.
  • Repair divots in the fairways.
  • Repair your ball marks on the greens.

Keep it safe

  • Do not swing your club until you are sure others in your group are at a safe distance. Likewise, keep your distance when others are swinging.
  • When practicing a swing, never swing in the direction of another player.
  • Do not hit a ball until you are certain the group ahead of you is out of range.
  • If your ball appears to be headed toward another player or group, give them a warning by yelling out, “FORE.”
  • Observe the safety suggestions posted in the golf carts. Please drive carefully!